Our Company

Our initial operations, which began in 1948, include logistics and agricultural trade. Afterwards the company was titled as “Arslanlar Open Partnership Refik Arslan and Partners” was established in 1973. The business operations of the company begin with infrastructure, commitment, construction and logistics. In time, these operations have developed with highways, village-city road constructions, pavement-infrastructure, highway constructions, forest roads constructions and public works.  Beside these, Arslanlar Yapı established the first breaking-screening production plant in it’s located area.

Until 1995, Arslanlar Yapi protects it’s open partnership by it’s partners Selçu Arslan and Semih Arslan. Since that year,the company has maintained it’s presence as a incorporated company.

We exist in tender processes with Turkish highways, sugar factories and highways, for the transactions of highways, ways, bridges, irrigation -unwatering, logistics, breaking- screening.

For almost 30 years, Arslanlar Yapı exists in various types of operations. These are: stone pit management, breaker web-site (production and sales of construction materials, base materials, asphalt materials, concrete materials) , highway construction, potable water, irrigation channel, pond, tunnel. Additively we have several agreements and do business in the education and construction areas. Today, with our resource structures and professional labor force, our operations are maintained and improved depend on our organizational culture and we are honored of being one of the considerable firm in the industry.